St. Maries Bridge

Congratulations to Inland Foundation Specialties on their successful project completion in St. Maries, Idaho. IFS was contracted by RSCI to install four work bridges that are approximately 180’ length and 32’ wide each. These work bridges are designed to install the shafts, bridge demo, girder erection, and other support work for the construction of the new bridge. Installation of the 2.5 meter shafts that are 130’ in depth. Two of the 4 shafts have 100’ of permanent casing and the other two have 75’ of permanent casing. IFS was also contracted to demo the existing bridge and erection of the new girders. The new  SC-120, supplied by , has completed her job successfully! #soilmec #muddyboots #yoursolutionprovider #trevigroup


Credit: Soilmec North America, Linkedin

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