Ground Improvement

Idaho’s Only Ground Improvement Experts.

With IFS’ diverse equipment and expertise, we have what it takes to meet your project’s needs.  We can provide ground improvement for anything from a small silo project to a 15 story storage facility.

IFS maintains a diverse fleet of drilling equipment as well as new ground improvement equipment to tackle any project’s hurdles. Our fleet’s mixed use ground improvement equipment along with Inland’s ability for fabrication makes IFS a pioneer in our state. Our drilling expertise in this  region provides a unique tool in the ground improvement industry. IFS utilizes a variety of ground improvement methods that can either strength inadequate soils or be used as a load transfer element onto something more competent. Ground Improvement is one of the best ways help you save yourself from a costly excavation project.


  • Stone Columns
  • Aggregate Piers
  • Rigid Inclusions
  • Dynamic Compaction
  • Auger-cast Piers
  • Soil Mixing