At IFS We Strive to Provide the Most Economical & Appropriate Shoring Method for Each Project

IFS has extensive experience in a vast array of shoring systems and techniques. Our diversity allows us to tailor the right type of shoring to your project specific conditions. We provide shoring for existing structures, cut slopes, fills, building foundations, pits, and cofferdams. We can perform cantilevered shoring, braced shoring, anchored shoring, soil nailed shoring and underpinning or any combination thereof. Our fleet of specialized shoring equipment allows us to install and remove shoring in congested sites, vibration sensitive areas, and remote access sites.


  • Soldier Pile & Lagging
  • Shotcrete & Soil Nails
  • Sheet Pile
  • Secant Pile
  • Underpinning
  • Tie-Back Anchors
  • Driven Anchors
  • Slope Stabilization