IFS has Over 100 Years of Combined Experience in the Field of Piling Expertise

Over the years, IFS has adapted equipment and techniques to handle the varying conditions inherent in pile driving. Our experience has built a comprehensive background in pile installation means and methods. IFS installs a wide range of piling from standard piling such as H-pile, pipe pile, and sheet pile to specialized piling such as pin pile, auger-cast pile, helical pile and preboring for pile. IFS can perform piling installation using swinging leads, fixed leads, vibratory hammers, diesel hammers and air hammers. Along with the piling installation, IFS can provide dynamic pile testing, load testing and vibration monitoring.


  • H-Pile
  • Pipe Pile
  • Sheet Pile
  • Auger-cast Pile
  • Battered Pile
  • Pre-Bored Pile
  • Pin Pile
  • Micropile
  • Helical Pile